Incidence of multiple myeloma in Iraqi people

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Farhan A Risan


Multiple myeloma patients were carried out the period (October/2017-February/2018), for measurement the concentrations of IgM,IgMandIgG antibodies,types of light chains(kappaandLambda) alpha-1,2 and gamma as well as albumin and protein levels in the sera of 47 (25 males and 22 females) patients compared with 29 healthy humans as control group. The diagnosis of patients were done by immunofixation technique.The positive titer of immunoglobulins showed 2(2.6%) IgM ,6(7.6%) IgA and33(43.4%) IgG, while 6(7.8%) was negative titer. The light chains Kappa 22(28.9%), Lambda 20(26.3%), while 5(6.6%) negative, it was noticeable changes among patients and healthy group. The alpha-1 in patients 19(25%), alpha-2 14(18.5%), beta 9 (11.8%), gamma 37(48.7%) were abnormal in patients of multiple myeloma (observed changes). Abnormal concentration of albumin and protein in the multiple myeloma patients showed 28(36.8%),18(23.6%) respectively also highly observed changes within patients and healthy group.

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