Age of Menarche in Females of Al-Ramadi City/Iraq

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Rafal Mustafa Murshid


Aim of the study: Estimate the age of menarche in females of Al-Ramadi city/Iraq. Methodology: This is a retrospective descriptive cross sectional study carried out in Al Ramadi city from the 1stof March to the 1st of May 2017. Data were collected from 404 secondary school girls selected randomly from different secondary schools according to the population density of Ramadi city areas. Age of menarche divided in to early menarche (8-andglt; 11 years age), normal menarche (11-14 years), and late menarche (14-16 years). Questionnaire was filled by the family and included female's age, age of onset of her menarche, father and mother's job, education, residency, economic, psychological status and the level of stress the family during onset of menarche. Results: The age range of the studied females was 12 to 18 years. Their mean age of menarche was 13.25 years. About 89% of the respondents were found to be within normal age of menarche, 10.3% of late menarche, and 0.5% had early menarche. The most frequent age of starting menarche was at 13 years (39.1%) followed by 14 years. Normal age menarche was found to be more prevalent among urban dwellers, females of house wife mothers, employed fathers, educated parents, living in their owned houses, and of less life stress. Conclusion: The mean age of menarche in Ramadi city was 13.25 and was higher than age recorded in Baghdad and consistent with ages recoded in many other neighboring and far countries.

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