Development and Validation of UV Spectroscopic Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Pantoprazole and Cinitapride in Bulk and in Capsule Dosage Form

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Gaur A


A new, rapid, precise, selective and sensitive Vierodt’s/simultaneous equation method is developed for the simultaneous estimation of pantoprazole (PNT) and cinitapride (CNT) in combined dosage form. In the developed method, absorbance was measured at 289 nm (λ max of Pantoprazole) and 267.2 nm (λ max of Cinitapride). The drugs obeyed the Beer’s law in the concentration range of 13-65μg/ml and 1-5 μg/ml respectively for pantoprazole and cinitapride. Accuracy of the method was determined by recovery studies and was found to be 101.32 % and 98.9 % for Pantoprazole and Cinitapride respectively. The developed method is simple, precise, rapid and selective. It can be used for routine analysis of both drugs in bulk as well as in pharmaceutical formulations.
Keywords: Simultaneous Equation Method, Cinitapride, Pantoprazole.

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