Development of quality standard of Ksheerabala oil: An Ayurvedic Formulation

T Jyostna Kumari, G Penchala Ibadi Pratap, Shyam Baboo Prasad, PHC Murthy, Goli Penchala Prasad


This contemporary study is intended to standardize the Ksheerabalatailam with respect to Sida cordifolia root powder processed with sesame oil and milk. The chief objective of this contemporary research work is to assess the various Standardization properties of the Ksheerabalatailam like saponification value, Iodine value, Acid value, Peroxide value, Total fat, weight per milliliter, HPTLC and GCMS analysis. The physicochemical properties like the iodine value, saponification value, acid value, peroxide value, total fat, and HPTLC fingerprinting and GC-MS analysis were established. The results of these studies would be useful for authentication, standardization, and disclosing counterfeit deterioration of the original herbal drug of Ksheerabalatailam.


Ayurvedic oil, Balamul, Ksheerabalatailam, Sida cordifolia, Vata disorder.

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