Correlation between TGF-β1 with Immunoglobulin IgG in Patients with Periodontitis

Najla naji AL-Khuzai, Siham jasim AL-Kaabi


Periodontitis is a microbially driven inflammatory conditions of the gingiva causing destruction of the ligaments and alveolar bone supporting the teeth resulting in oral malodor and tooth loss. The aim of the present research was to estimate the serum level of TGF-β1 in patients with periodontitis compared with healthy individual and to assess the relationship between the TGF-β1serum and the Immunoglobulin(IgG). A total of 60 patients were included in this research and 20 individuals was healthy group. Serum samples separated from the whole blood of patients and healthy. Level of TGF-β1 was determined by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. The results showed statistically significant elevation in level of TGF-β1 in patients than in healthy group and there was a significant correlation between the levels of TGF-β1 and immunoglobulin IgG in patients with periodontitis.


Immunoglobulin, IgG, Periodontitis

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