Isolation and Identification of Bacteroides fragilis in Baghdad"

Luma Yousif Mehdi, Mayada Noori Iqbal, Zeina Anwar Jaffar


Bacteroides fragilis" are "anaerobic bacteria"that cause diversified infections such as "diarrhea" and "colorectal cancer, intra-abdominal infection, "postoperative wound infection, and the most antibiotic-resistant among the anaerobic bacteria. This study for determination of the prevalence of B. fragilis from patients suffering from "diarrhea,"Colorectal cancer, "Abdominal surgical abscesses and "Vaginal inflammation" and to determine the resistance of isolated against antibiotics. Samples of (145) patients with different casese were taken from "Baghdad hospitals, by using culture, "Api 20A kit" and "PCR" were used to detect and confirm "isolation and identification" of B. Fragilis,"disk diffusion" was performed for" antibiotic resistance. The prevalence rates of"infection" cases increased among "children suffering from diarrhea" were (11.7%), and colorectal cancer" among "elderly" people were (11%), "abdominal surgical" abscesses were (9.7%) respectively, and "resistance to most antibiotics. This study revealed that the " B. Fragilis" are important pathogens that frequently cause various infections, the "antimicrobial resistance" has accretion. The future advances research should explain the epidemiology of enterotoxigenic and also participate to the prevention of outbreaks human diseases.


B. fragilis, Api20A system, PCR, sensitivity to antibiotics.

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