Determination of Rifampicin in Pure form and Pharmaceutical Preparations by Using Merging Zone-Continuous Flow Injection Analysis.

Marowa H Abbas, Dakhil N Taha


A simple, rapid, sensitive and accurate spectrophotometric method has been established for determination of rifampicin in pure form and pharmaceutical preparations by using merging zone-continuous flow injection analysis technique. The proposed method based on formation of a violet blackish colored complex between rifampicin and copper ion (II) at absorptivity maximum (565nm). Chemical and physical parameters of this system were investigated. Beers law was obeyed in the concentration range of (5-100μg.mL-1) with detection limit (3μg.mL-1) and Dispersion coefficient (1.28). The analytical parameters were optimized as the fallowing: flow rate is (2ml.min), reaction coil is (75cm), volume of rifampicin is (150μL), volume of copper ion is (125 μL), and concentration of copper ion is (100μg.mL-1). The method was successfully applied to the analysis of the rifampicin in its pharmaceutical preparations.


Drugs, Rifampicin, Flow injection analysis, continuous flow injection analysis, Pharmaceutical preparation.

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